Need a reliable and affordable Marketplace MVP in 2 weeks?

Ideal for non-technical startup founders

Do you have an idea for a marketplace? So do millions of people from around the world.

Only a handful of people are able to execute on their idea and get their platform running. It is difficult to set up and start operating a marketplace when you don't have a technical co-founder. Not to mention, there is always the risk that you underestimated the challenges you will face and overestimated your own capabilities. So, is your idea even worth putting effort into?

In fact, many entrepreneurs spend a long period of time and lots of money developing a product that is not viable.

Through our startup offer, we help non-technical startup founders get their startups off the ground and get the feel of the market as soon as possible by having a functional MVP solution in 2 weeks.

Get in touch with us and start executing on your marketplace idea in no time and for a minimal cost.



Allow users to create paid or free listings


Set up one or multiple languages and sell internationally


Accept payments in 139 currencies & through Paypal

Product Options

Charge users for products, services and/or subscriptions

Charge for Bookings

Charge users for booking appoints for a specific date/time/product.

Sell Advertisement

Sell advertisement packages through the website


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